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BEA WebLogic Release 5.1

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WebLogic Express Documentation Center

What is BEA WebLogic Express?

BEA WebLogic Express, BEA's multitier JDBC implementation (based on the Enterprise Java Standard JDBC specification), provides applets and applications database access. The services and APIs of WebLogic Express are a subset of those available with WebLogic Server. This page contains links to documentation and other information on WebLogic Express

For an overview of WebLogic Express, see BEA WebLogic Express.

Table of Contents

WebLogic JDBC Options

Links to JDBC information: WebLogic JDBC drivers, Connection Pools, and Multitier JDBC.

Using WebLogic HTTP Servlets

Writing web-based application using Servlets


Accessing WebLogic Server objects from a CORBA client through delegation


Using WebLogic Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Using WebLogic Realms and Acls

Running the WebLogic Console

Using the WebLogic management console


View and modify database data in a high-level, vendor-independent way.


An object-oriented interface to the HTML environment