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Running WebLogic Server under Java 2 v1.2

What to do if you want to run WebLogic Server under Java 2 v1.2.

Troubleshooting your WebLogic EJB application Tips for debugging your EJBeans.

Upgrading EJBs to WebLogic Server Version 5

A comprehensive guide to upgrading your EJB 1.0-compliant WebLogic EJBs to work with WebLogic Server Version 5, which implements the EJB 1.1 specification.

Setting classpath

The #1 problem is getting your CLASSPATH set correctly. If you're getting "ClassNotFound" or "ClassFormatError" Exceptions, read through this for help.

Troubleshooting problems with shared libraries on UNIX

Trying to install a shared library or shared object on a UNIX system? Read this for help.

Troubleshooting applet security problems

Troubleshooting applet/RMI problems

Troubleshooting CODEBASE problems

For users writing applets, the most common problems are applet security and setting the CODEBASE for the applet. Check out these two guides for a better understanding of how applets work and how to make sure yours will.

Troubleshooting compilation problems

Need help compiling and invoking classes? Want to know more about Java packages? This guide answers questions to help you get started.

Using the Java profiler

Creating a thread dump

Has support asked you to run the profiler or for a thread dump to diagnose your application's memory usage? Check out these documents for instructions.

Using the WebLogic Console with Exceed

Tips for setting the correct font and resolution when using Exceed to view the WebLogic Console.

Troubleshooting JDBC hangs and SEGVs

Tips on how JDKs, operating systems, and databases may adversely affect each other, and how to avoid the problems.

A brief guide to navigating the WebLogic Server roadmap (illustrated).

Using the Cloudscape database with WebLogic Server

Tips for setting up demo version of the Cloudscape database that is shipped with the WebLogic distribution. Cloudscape is used for the WebLogic Tour, some code examples, and you can use it for testing your code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other online references

Links to online references for other manufacturer's products that you may be using with WebLogic.