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BEA WebLogic Release 5.1

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BEA WebLogic Server 5.1 Documentation Center


WebLogic Server documentation has a new look and feel! We hope you like it.


Release Notes

The latest changes and issues for WebLogic Server.


Installing and configuring WebLogic Server for optimal performance.


Learn about the technology used in WebLogic Server.

Administrator Guides

How to perform administrative tasks for WebLogic Server.

Developer Guides

Develop your own applications for WebLogic Server.

API Reference

Detailed reference information on each API used with WebLogic Server.

Code Examples

Code examples are provided to help you customize WebLogic Server for your needs.

Additional and Updated Examples

Late-breaking examples for additional help with creating your applications.

Deployment Guides

Build and deploy your own applications on WebLogic Server.


Helpful hints about BEA WebLogic Server products and technology.

Platform Support

Information on various platforms, operating systems, JVM's, and configurations supported for WebLogic Server.





Quick Links


Enterprise JavaBeans



Java Messaging Service



Remote Method Invocation





Java Database Connectivity


Clustering Services



Java Server Pages


Security Services


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