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Installing and Setting up WebLogic Server 5.1





Overview of Installing WebLogic Server 5.1

What's new in WebLogic Server, version 5.1

Checking your package

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Upgrading from an earlier release of WebLogic Server

Important notes

Steps to take before installation

Steps to take after installation

Installing WebLogic Server on your platform

Installing using the InstallShield distribution (Windows NT)

Uninstalling a previous release

Running the InstallShield program

Next steps

Installing from a zip archive (UNIX, Windows NT)


Installing on Windows NT using the zip archive

Upgrading from a previous release

Installing from the zip archive

Next steps

Setting up and Starting WebLogic Server 5.1

Tasks to set up and start WebLogic Server

Install a JDK

Native vs. Green Threads

Hot Spot

Setting the environment

Setting the system PATH

Setting the classpath

Upgrading from a previous release

Setting your Java system classpath

Setting your WebLogic classpath

Microsoft SDK for Java (JView)

Starting WebLogic Server Statically

Cloudscape DBMS

Setting up the Java security manager for Java 2

Modifying the weblogic.policy file for general use

Modifying the weblogic.policy file for third party or user-written classes

Installing a WebLogic license

Evaluation licenses

Other licenses

Updating a license

Upgrading licenses from a previous release

Starting WebLogic Server on Windows NT

Start Menu

NT Service

Windows Convenience Programs

Starting WebLogic Server from the command line

Important note regarding WebLogic RMI over IIOP

Requirements for Starting WebLogic Server

Command line examples

JDK 1.1.x example

JDK 1.2 (Java 2) example

Jview example

Additional options:

Starting WebLogic Enterprise Connectivity

Starting WebLogic Server from the WebLogic Console

Starting WebLogic Server using scripts

Next steps

Set up your development environment

Install JDBC drivers for use with WebLogic Server



Microsoft SQL Server


Other Documentation

Installing WebLogic jDriver for Oracle


Important issues for release 5.1

Other JDBC drivers

Installation steps

Editing an entry to the XML license file

Setting your path and client libraries

JDBC 2.0

Platform considerations

Directory to put in your system PATH

Windows NT



HP-UX 11


Siemens MIPS

Compaq Tru64 UNIX

Note for Microsoft SDK for Java (Jview) users

Checking connections to the Oracle database

Setting up a connection pool

Configuring a connection pool with WebLogic Server

Using the connection pool in your application

Using IDEs or debuggers with WebLogic jDrivers

Next step