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Overview of Installing WebLogic Server 5.1


These pages provide instructions on installing, setting up, and starting WebLogic Server and the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle type-2 JDBC driver. A PDF version of these installation documents is also available.

What's new in WebLogic Server, version 5.1

See the Release Notes for complete coverage of new features and upgrade issues.

Users of previous versions of WebLogic Server should take note of the following:

Checking your package

When you open your BEA WebLogic Server box, you will find the following:

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

The software requirements vary among platforms and operating systems and are frequently updated by BEA. Check the Platforms Support page on the BEA web site for the latest information on your platform and operating system.

Upgrading from an earlier release of WebLogic Server

Important notes

Steps to take before installation

  1. Save your current license files. Open the directory where your registered installation is located and copy your WebLogicLicense.xml or WebLogicLicense.class file into a safe place. You will be instructed where to place your license file later in these instructions.

  2. Save your and weblogic.policy files to a safe location.

  3. Save any user-written code or compiled classes to a safe location.

  4. To safeguard your applications and environment, BEA recommends that you copy your entire WebLogic distribution to a safe location or otherwise back up your previous installation. Do not install a new version of WebLogic Server on top of a previous version

Steps to take after installation

  1. Re-run the WebLogic utility ejbc on your Enterprise Java Beans.

  2. Re-run the WebLogic RMI compiler, rmic on any existing code to regenerate the wrapper classes so that they are compatible with the new version of WebLogic Server.

Installing WebLogic Server on your platform

The following documents contain detailed instructions for installing WebLogic Server: