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BEA WebLogic Release 5.1

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WebLogic Administrator Guides

Deploying Servlets and Enterprise JavaBeans

Using WebLogic Server hot deploy

Deploying EJBs with DeployerTool

Setting WebLogic properties: HTTP- and servlet-related properties

Setting up your webserver

Using the WebLogic classes for server-side Java

Using WebLogic for applet programming

Installing the WebLogic-to-Netscape-Enterprise-Server plugin (NSAPI)

Installing the WebLogic-to-Microsoft-IIS plugin (ISAPI)

Tuning performance

Tuning the WebLogic Server

Performance tuning your JDBC application

Preparing and distributing your client apps

Using the AppletArchiver to create a .jar or .cab archive

Creating a .zip file for an applet

Creating a .zip file for a Java application

Publishing with WebLogic ZAC