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BEA WebLogic Release 5.1

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The Developer Guides help you design and develop Java enterprise applications. WebLogic Server and WebLogic Express implementations are based on standard specifications issued by JavaSoft. Refer to the JavaSoft specifications for additional information.

Developing WebLogic Server Applications

Writing Database Applications and using WebLogic jDrivers

Deprecated APIs

Developing WebLogic Server Applications

Overviews and Design Guides

Writing a Server-side Application

BEA WebLogic Server Enterprise JavaBeans

Writing Distributed Applications

Using WebLogic EJB Design and Development

Using WebLogic RMI

Using WebLogic RMI over IIOP

Using WebLogic JMS

Using WebLogic Server Clusters

Using WebLogic JNDI

Using WAP with WebLogic Server

Using XML with WebLogic Server

Writing Web-based Applications

Writing a Web Application

Using WebLogic HTTP Servlets

Using WebLogic JSP

Writing JSP Extensions

Jolt for WebLogic Server User's Guide

Deploying your Applications Programmatically

Using WebLogic ZAC


Using WebLogic SSL

Using WebLogic ACLs

Using WebLogic with non-Java Components

Using WebLogic RMI over IIOP

Accessing WebLogic Server Objects from a CORBA Client through Delegation

Using WebLogic COM

Other WebLogic Services

Using the WebLogic Beanbar

Using WebLogic Events

Using WebLogic File Services

Using WebLogic Time Services

Using WebLogic Workspaces

Using WebLogic Enterprise Connectivity

Using WebLogic Connectivity

Using WebLogic with Third-party Software

Using Databases with WebLogic Server

WebLogic JDBC Options

Creating and Using Connection Pools

Using a DataSource Object to get a JDBC Connection

Using dbKona

Using htmlKona

Using HTML Tags and htmlKona Elements

Using the JTS Driver

Using the Oracle Thin Driver with WebLogic Server

Using the Sybase jConnect Driver

Using Weblogic JDBC/RMI and WebLogic Clustered JDBC

Using the WebLogic jDriver

Using WebLogic jDriver for Informix

Using WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server

Using WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Deprecated APIs

Using WebLogic's Distributed Server-side Beans

Using WebLogic Remote

Writing a T3Client Application

Using WebLogic JHTML