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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Interface

Packages that use UserInfo

Uses of UserInfo in weblogic.common

Classes in weblogic.common that implement UserInfo
 class T3User
          The T3User object is an implementation of that is backward compatible with WebLogic versions before 2.6.

Methods in weblogic.common that return UserInfo
 UserInfo T3Connection.getUser()
          Deprecated. Use the JNDI model and its accessors for information about the connection

Constructors in weblogic.common with parameters of type UserInfo
T3Connection.T3Connection(java.lang.String url, UserInfo t3usr)
          Deprecated. Use the JNDI model
T3Client.T3Client(java.lang.String url, java.lang.String workspace, UserInfo t3u)
          Constructs a T3Client.
T3Client.T3Client(java.lang.String url, UserInfo t3u)
          Constructs a T3Client.

Uses of UserInfo in weblogic.jndi

Methods in weblogic.jndi that return UserInfo
 UserInfo Environment.getSecurityUser()
          Returns the UserInfo for the principal assigned to the Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL property.

Methods in weblogic.jndi with parameters of type UserInfo
 void Environment.setSecurityUser(UserInfo user)

Uses of UserInfo in

Classes in that implement UserInfo
protected static class CachingRealm.CaseInsensitiveUserInfo
          This class is intended for use if the auth cache is not case-sensitive.
 class DefaultUserInfoImpl
          DefaultUserInfoImpl is the default implementation of the UserInfo interface.
 class SSLUserInfo

Methods in that return UserInfo
static UserInfo Security.getUserInfo(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object credential)
          Gets the UserInfo for the specified username and credential.
 UserInfo RealmProxy.createUserInfo(java.lang.String id, java.lang.Object credential)
          Creates a UserInfo instance in an implementation-specific way.

Methods in with parameters of type UserInfo
static java.lang.Object Security.doAsPrivileged(UserInfo newUser, PrivilegedAction action)
          Set a new user to the thread for the running of the input action.
static java.lang.Object Security.doAsPrivileged(UserInfo newUser, PrivilegedExceptionAction action)
          Set a new user to the thread for running of the input action.
static User Realm.authenticate(UserInfo userInfo)
          Authenticates the user, based on a UserInfo structure.
static java.lang.String Realm.getAuthenticatedName(UserInfo userInfo)
          Authenticates the user, based on a UserInfo structure.
 User BasicRealm.getUser(UserInfo userInfo)
          Checks whether some User matches the presented UserInfo and accepts its credentials.
 User AbstractListableRealm.getUser(UserInfo userInfo)
 User AbstractListableRealm.authenticate(UserInfo userInfo)
          Check whether some User matches the presented UserInfo and accept its credentials.
protected  User AbstractListableRealm.authInternal(UserInfo userInfo)
          The authentication dispatcher.
 User CachingRealm.getUser(UserInfo userInfo)
          Call through to the authenticate method.
 User CachingRealm.authenticate(UserInfo userInfo)
          Attempt to authenticate the given user.
 boolean DefaultUserImpl.hasMatchingInfo(UserInfo unauthenticatedUserInfo)

Uses of UserInfo in

Methods in with parameters of type UserInfo
static void Audit.authenticateUser(java.lang.String subsystem, UserInfo info, User result)
 void AuditProvider.authenticateUser(java.lang.String subsystem, UserInfo info, User result)
          A request was made to authenticate a user.

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