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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference


Interface Summary
BasicRealm BasicRealm provides a minimal interface for realms.
CertAuthenticator This interface is used to perform certificate-based user authentication.
DelegatedRealm This interface allows an object to notify another that it is being delegated to.
DynamicUserAcl Supports the dynamic creation of ACLs for owned resources.
ExplicitlyControlled An object that needs to have some access control lists associated explicitly will implement this interface.
FlatGroup.Source Interface to be implemented by realm classes that use FlatGroup.
ListableRealm A ListableRealm extends BasicRealm and adds the ability to list its instances.
ManageableRealm ManageableRealm is the full-featured interface for realms.
PrivilegedAction A computation to be performed with privileges enabled.
PrivilegedExceptionAction A computation to be performed with privileges enabled, that throws one or more checked exceptions.
UserInfo UserInfo objects are created by a RealmProxy and passed to the T3Client constructor.

Class Summary
AbstractListableRealm Abstract listable realm.
AclEntryImpl This class implements the AclEntry interface, which is used to represent one entry in an Access Control List (ACL).
AclImpl This class implements the interface with optimization for checking permissions.
AdminPermissions This class contains system-wide weblogic.admin permission names.
CachingRealm Caching realm.
CachingRealm.CaseInsensitiveUserInfo This class is intended for use if the auth cache is not case-sensitive.
CachingRealm.Entry Cache entry class.
CachingRealm.UserEntry This is a special entry class, used only in the user positive cache.
CertAuthentication The public face of the CertAuthenticator interface.
DefaultUserImpl DefaultUserImpl is the default implementation of the interface User.
DefaultUserInfoImpl DefaultUserInfoImpl is the default implementation of the UserInfo interface.
Everyone Everyone is an implementation of Group, which is includes everyone.
FlatGroup Caching group implementation.
GroupImpl GroupImpl implements Group, which is used to represent a group of principals.
OwnerImpl OwnerImpl implements Owner to manage owners of Access Control Lists (ACLs) or ACL configurations.
PermissionImpl A straightforward implementation of the Permission interface, which represents a permission, such as that used to grant a particular type of access to a resource.
Realm The Realm class is used for its name space only.
RealmProxy RealmProxy represents a Realm of the same name on the client side.
RealmsMO RealmsMO is a ManagedObject that contains RealmMOs.
Security The Security class groups static functions for accessing the default realm and authentication contexts for threads.
TTLCache Fixed-size pseudo-LRU cache with per-entry TTL attributes.
URLAcl associates an Owner Principal with a vector of AclEntryImpls and is keyed into the Realm by a specific Acl name.
User Users are created or retrieved through some realm.

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