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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Interface T3ServletDef

Deprecated. Use RMI instead.

public interface T3ServletDef

Interface for T3Servlets. A T3Servlet must implement the methods in this interface. The work of the T3Servlet is done in the execute() method.

To instantiate and then use a T3Servlet, call getT3Servlet() (in weblogic.remote.common.RemoteServicesDef, which defines a RemoteT3 services factory) with a class that implements this interface, as shown in the example. Then call the execute() method with a ParamSet whose parameters match those declared in the implementing class.

Here's an example of how the interface is used:

  T3Client t3 = new T3Client("t3://host:port");

   // Manufacture a T3Servlet object for the client
   T3ServletDef ts =

   // Execute the T3Servlet with methods from the T3Servlet
   // object's class, where "ps" is a ParamSet

For more information, see the WebLogic Server documentation

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See Also:
RemoteServicesDef, ParamSet

Method Summary
 void declareParams(ParamSet p)
          Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
 void execute(ParamSet p)
          Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
 void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
          Deprecated. Use RMI instead.

Method Detail


public void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
Sets the services object for the T3ServletDef. The services reference is used to obtain access to services in the T3Server.

services - T3ServletDef object


public void execute(ParamSet p)
             throws java.lang.Exception
Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
Executes a T3ServletDef with the specified parameters. The execute() method should contain the real work of the T3Servlet.

p - ParamSet with parameters for the remote method invocation
java.lang.Exception - if there is an execution error


public void declareParams(ParamSet p)
                   throws ParamSetException
Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
Passes parameters for the T3ServletDef when it is executed. The declareParams() method is called by the T3Server itself when the T3Servlet is executed.

p - ParamSet object
ParamSetException - if there is an error in the ParamSet

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