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Interface RemoteServicesDef

Deprecated. Use RMI instead.

public interface RemoteServicesDef

Interface that defines a remote services factory. Use this interface to manufacture objects for RemoteT3. The remote services factory methods take the place of constructors for objects that are used by RemoteT3.

Here's an example of how this interface is used in the process of creating a T3Servlet:

  T3Client t3 = new T3Client("t3://host:port");
   // Manufacture a T3Servlet object for the client
   T3ServletDef ts =
   // Execute the T3Servlet with methods from the T3Servlet
   // object's class, where "ps" is a ParamSet

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Method Summary
 T3ServletDef getT3Servlet(java.lang.String entry)
          Deprecated. Use RMI instead.

Method Detail


public T3ServletDef getT3Servlet(java.lang.String entry)
                          throws T3ServletException
Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
Gets a new T3Servlet object from the remote services factory, with the specified full package name of the class to be executed remotely.

entry - Full package name of the class on the remote server
T3ServletException - if there is an error with the remote class
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