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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.html

Interface Summary
HtmlColor Encapsulation class for color names that are part of the HTML specification.

Class Summary
AcronymElement An AcronymElement is used to mark a sequence of characters that compose an acronym.
AddressElement Use an AddressElement to create the ADDRESS element on an HtmlPage.
AlignType The AlignType class contains variables for setting alignment of HtmlElements.
AnchorElement Use an AnchorElement object to create hypertext links in a document.
AnchorType This class encapsulates attributes for an AnchorElement.
AppletElement Deprecated. Use the ObjectElement instead
AreaElement This class supports Netscape client-side image maps.
AudioPage Class for creating htmlKona pages from an audio binary data stored in a database.
BaseElement A BaseElement object is analogous to an HTML BASE element.
BaseFontElement Deprecated. Use StyleElement
BeanHTML Uses Java Bean idioms to create various HTML elements.
BigElement A BigElement is used to place text in a large font.
BlockquoteElement A BlockquoteElement is used for quotes or citations that appear in an indented block in a document.
BodyElement The BodyElement class is used to set attributes for the body of an HtmlPage.
BoldElement A BoldElement is used to set the font attribute to bold-face type.
BorderstyleType This class encapsulates valid values for BORDERSTYLE attributes.
BreakElement This class extends the functionality of the convenient MarkupElement.Break.
ButtonElement A ButtonElement is used as a special kind of input element on an HTML form.
CenteredElement Deprecated. Use DivElement.setCentered()
CiteElement A CiteElement is used for citations or references to other sources.
ClearType Use a ClearType object to set the HTML CLEAR attribute for an HtmlElement.
CodeElement A CodeElement is used to add strong emphasis to a phrase.
Codeset Utility class for setting codeset for a page.
CommentElement A CommentElement is used to place comments within an HtmlPage.
Cookie Deprecated. Use javax.servlet.http.Cookie
DefineTermElement A DefineTermElement is used to mark the defining instance of the enclosed term.
DefinitionItem A DefinitionItem object is made up of a term and a definition.
DefinitionList A DefinitionList object is a list of terms and definitions.
DirList Deprecated. Use UnorderedList instead
DivElement A DivElement is used to define the attributes for a division in an HTML document.
ElementWithAttributes The ElementWithAttributes is the parent class from which all HtmlElements with attributes are derived.
EmbedElement Use an EmbedElement to insert an arbitrary object directly into an HTML page.
EmphasisElement An EmphasisElement is used to add basic emphasis to a phrase.
EntityEscape Class for HTML 3.2 escaped entities for the ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1) character set.
FieldsetElement The FieldsetElement allows form designers to group thematically related controls together.
FieldType The FieldType class contains variables for setting the attribute of an InputElement added to an htmlKona FormElement.
FileElement A FileElement object is used to retrieve the contents of a file.
FontElement Deprecated. Use StyleElement
FormElement FormElement objects are used to set and get attributes customarily used in the HTML FORM indicator, like "ACTION" and "ONSUBMIT".
FormServlet Deprecated. See HttpServletRequest.getParameter()
FrameElement Add one FrameElement for each frame to a FrameSetElement object to lay out multiple frames.
FrameSetElement A FrameSetElement is used to place multiple frames on an htmlKona page.
FrameType This class encapsulates valid values for the FRAME attribute that is supported by some browsers, particularly for use in setting borders around a table.
HeadingElement HeadingElement objects are used to add HTML headings (H1, H2, etc.) to an htmlKona page.
HorizontalRuleElement This class extends the functionality of the convenient MarkupElement.HoriztonalLine or MarkupElement.HorizontalRule.
HtmlContainer Class for HtmlContainer objects.
HtmlElement Parent class for htmlKona elements.
HtmlPage Class for HtmlPage objects.
ImageElement An ImageElement is used to display an image (GIF/JPEG) on an htmlKona page and set the HTML attributes of the image, such as source, border, size, and alignment.
ImagePage An ImagePage is used to display an image stored as an array of bytes (binary large object).
InputElement An InputElement object is used to capture user input on an htmlKona FormElement.
IsIndexElement Deprecated. Use a standard InputElement instead
ItalicElement An ItalicElement displays italicized type.
KeyboardElement A KeyboardElement is used for text that is to be typed by the user.
LegendElement The LegendElement sets a legend for a FieldsetElement.
LinkElement This class has been superceded in version 2.1 by the AnchorElement.
LinkHeadElement A LinkHeadElement is used to add a LINK element to the head portion of an HtmlPage.
ListElement Parent class for various htmlKona lists.
ListItem ListItems are added to a ListElement object (or an object from one of its subclasses, OrderedList, and UnorderedList) to build a list on an htmlKona page.
LiteralElement LiteralElement objects are used to pass data to the htmlKona engine that creates the HTML exactly as it exists.
MapElement This class supports Netscape client-side image maps.
MarkupElement This class encapsulates certain HTML markup elements for an htmlKona canvas.
MediaType The MediaType class identifies media types for use with the StyleElement.
MenuList Deprecated. Use UnorderedList instead
MetaElement A MetaElement is used to add META information to the head portion of an HtmlPage.
MultiColElement Use a MultiColElement to display text in a multicolumn format on an HtmlPage.
MultiPartElement The MultiPartElement class is the parent class for all HtmlElements that have multiple components.
NoFramesElement The contents of a NoFramesElement will be displayed if the FrameSetElement and its FrameElements on the same HtmlPage cannot be displayed.
NoScriptElement Use a NoScriptElement container for HtmlElements that will be displayed (instead of executing the code in a ScriptElement on the same page) when a user has scripts turned off or if the displaying browser doesn't support scripts.
ObjectElement An ObjectElement, introduced in HTML 4.0, provides a generic method for including various resources in a document, including images, applets, files, and image maps.
OptionElement Use OptionElement objects to build a SelectElement.
OrderedList An OrderedList object (a type of ListElement) is used to create a numbered list on an htmlKona page.
ParagraphElement This class extends the functionality of the convenient MarkupElement.BeginParagraph/EndParagraph.
ParamElement A ParamElement is used to set applet parameters for an AppletElement.
PlainPage A PlainPage object is used to create a document without HTML tagging.
QElement A QElement is used for quotes or citations that appear inline a document.
RulesType This class encapsulated valid values for the RULE attribute, introduced by HTML 4.0 and supported by some browsers, that is used to describe how horizontal and vertical rules should be placed, particularly between cells of a table.
SampleElement A SampleElement is used for sample output from programs, scripts, etc.
ScriptElement Use a ScriptElement to add a JavaScript script to an HtmlPage.
ScrollType A ScrollType object is used to describe if an htmlKona FrameElement should have scrollbars.
SelectElement A SelectElement object is analogous to an HTML select set used in a form for capturing user choices from a multi-item dropdown-type combo box.
ServletPage ServletPage objects are used with Java-enabled HTTP servers that support Java as a server scripting language, e.g., Netscape's Enterprise Server.
SinglePartElement The SinglePartElement class is the parent class for all HtmlElements that have a single component.
SmallElement A SmallElement is used to place text in a small font.
SpacerElement Use a SpacerElement to control the spacing between objects and whitespace on an HtmlPage.
SpacerType Encapsulates permitted types of SpaceElements.
SpanElement A SpanElement, like a DivElement, offers a generic mechanism for adding structure to documents.
StrikeElement Deprecated.  
StringElement A StringElement is used to add String objects to an HtmlPage.
StrongElement A StrongElement is used to add strong emphasis to a phrase.
StyleElement The StyleElement provides a means for including rendering information with style notation.
SubscriptElement A SubscriptElement object is used to set the subscript attribute for an HtmlElement.
SuperscriptElement A SuperscriptElement object is used to set the superscript attribute for an HtmlElement.
TableCaptionElement A TableCaptionElement object is used to set the caption and its attributes for an htmlKona TableElement.
TableDataElement A TableDataElement object is used to display a single cell of an htmlKona TableElement.
TableElement A TableElement is analogous to an HTML table.
TableHeadingElement A TableHeadingElement object is used to set the heading for a column in a TableElement.
TableRowElement A TableRowElement is used to build the rows of an htmlKona TableElement.
TeletypeElement A TeletypeElement is used to set the font attribute to a teletype or monospace, typewriter-like font.
TextAlignType A TextAlignType object is used to set the alignment for text, that is, for the text contents of an HtmlElement.
TextAreaElement A TextAreaElement is used to capture user input in a text field on a form.
TextFlowElement Use a TextFlowElement to supply alternate text for an AppletElement.
TitleElement A TitleElement is used to add TITLE information to the head portion of an HtmlPage.
UnderlineElement Deprecated.  
UnorderedList An UnorderedList object (a type of ListElement) is used to create a bulleted list on an htmlKona page.
VariableElement A VariableElement is used for variables or arguments to commands.
WebPage Parent class for htmlKona page objects.
WindowName The WindowName class is used to set the attribute to direct a link to display in a targeted window.
WrapType A WrapType object is used to set the wrap attributes of an HtmlElement, an extension supported by some browsers.

Exception Summary
HtmlException An HtmlException is thrown when there is an error with an htmlKona HtmlElement.

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