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Class CodeElement


public class CodeElement
extends SinglePartElement

A CodeElement is used to add strong emphasis to a phrase. It is typically rendered in a typewriter-like font. Use a CodeElement as the argument for any of the addElement() methods. You can also set an element by using the asCodeElement() method in the parent class HtmlElement.

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Fields inherited from class weblogic.html.HtmlElement
codeset, useObsolete
Constructor Summary
          Constructs a CodeElement.
CodeElement(HtmlElement val)
          Constructs a CodeElement with the specified HtmlElement.
CodeElement(java.lang.String val)
          Constructs a CodeElement with the specified string.
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String getHtmlCode()
Methods inherited from class weblogic.html.SinglePartElement
getElement, printBody, printBody, printBody, setElement, setElement, widthAsLiteral
Methods inherited from class weblogic.html.ElementWithAttributes
addAttribute, addAttribute, escapeQuotes, getBooleanAttribute, getElementAttribute, getLocalVar, getQuotedAttribute, output, output, output, printBody, printCR, printEndingTag, setBooleanAttribute, setBooleanAttribute, setClass, setDirection, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setId, setLang, setLocalVar, setQuotedAttribute, setStyle
Methods inherited from class weblogic.html.HtmlElement
asAnchorElement, asBigElement, asBlockquoteElement, asBoldElement, asCenteredElement, asCiteElement, asCodeElement, asCommentElement, asDefineTermElement, asEmphasisElement, asFontElement, asFontElement, asFontElement, asHtmlContainer, asItalicElement, asKeyboardElement, asLiteralElement, asParagraphElement, asSampleElement, asSmallElement, asStrikeElement, asStrongElement, asSubscriptElement, asSuperscriptElement, asTeletypeElement, asUnderlineElement, asVariableElement, getVersion, setAnchorMode, setCodeset, toString, toString
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Constructor Detail


public CodeElement()
Constructs a CodeElement.


public CodeElement(java.lang.String val)
Constructs a CodeElement with the specified string.

val - String to be displayed as code


public CodeElement(HtmlElement val)
Constructs a CodeElement with the specified HtmlElement.

val - HtmlElement to be displayed as code
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String getHtmlCode()

getHtmlCode in class ElementWithAttributes

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