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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Uses of MultiPartElement in weblogic.html

Subclasses of MultiPartElement in weblogic.html
 class AppletElement
          Deprecated. Use the ObjectElement instead
 class BeanHTML
          Uses Java Bean idioms to create various HTML elements.
 class ColGroupElement
 class DefinitionList
          A DefinitionList object is a list of terms and definitions.
 class DirList
          Deprecated. Use UnorderedList instead
 class DivElement
          A DivElement is used to define the attributes for a division in an HTML document.
 class FieldsetElement
          The FieldsetElement allows form designers to group thematically related controls together.
 class FormElement
          FormElement objects are used to set and get attributes customarily used in the HTML FORM indicator, like "ACTION" and "ONSUBMIT".
 class FrameSetElement
          A FrameSetElement is used to place multiple frames on an htmlKona page.
 class ListElement
          Parent class for various htmlKona lists.
 class MapElement
          This class supports Netscape client-side image maps.
 class MenuList
          Deprecated. Use UnorderedList instead
 class NoFramesElement
          The contents of a NoFramesElement will be displayed if the FrameSetElement and its FrameElements on the same HtmlPage cannot be displayed.
 class NoScriptElement
          Use a NoScriptElement container for HtmlElements that will be displayed (instead of executing the code in a ScriptElement on the same page) when a user has scripts turned off or if the displaying browser doesn't support scripts.
 class OrderedList
          An OrderedList object (a type of ListElement) is used to create a numbered list on an htmlKona page.
 class SelectElement
          A SelectElement object is analogous to an HTML select set used in a form for capturing user choices from a multi-item dropdown-type combo box.
 class SpanElement
          A SpanElement, like a DivElement, offers a generic mechanism for adding structure to documents.
 class TableElement
          A TableElement is analogous to an HTML table.
 class TableRowElement
          A TableRowElement is used to build the rows of an htmlKona TableElement.
 class TBodyElement
 class TFootElement
 class THeadElement
 class UnorderedList
          An UnorderedList object (a type of ListElement) is used to create a bulleted list on an htmlKona page.

Methods in weblogic.html that return MultiPartElement
 MultiPartElement MultiPartElement.replaceElementAt(HtmlElement val, int pos)
          Replaces the element at the specified position with the HtmlElement specified in the first argument.
 MultiPartElement MultiPartElement.removeElementAt(int pos)
          Removes an element at the specified position.
 MultiPartElement MultiPartElement.removeElement(HtmlElement elementname)
          Removes the specified, named HtmlElement.

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