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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use AlignType

Uses of AlignType in weblogic.html

Fields in weblogic.html declared as AlignType
static AlignType TableCaptionElement.default_align
          Default alignment for a TableCaptionElement is unset.
static AlignType AlignType.absbottom
          Aligns element at the horizontal and vertical bottom of a container.
static AlignType AlignType.absmiddle
          Aligns vertical middle of an element with the middle of the current line.
static AlignType AlignType.baseline
          Aligns element with the baseline of a line of text.
static AlignType AlignType.bottom
          Aligns element at the vertical bottom.
static AlignType
          Centers element horizontally.
static AlignType AlignType.left
          Aligns element along the left margin.
static AlignType AlignType.middle
          Aligns baseline of current line with the element.
static AlignType AlignType.right
          Aligns element along the right margin.
static AlignType AlignType.texttop
          Aligns element with the top of a line of text.
static AlignType
          Aligns element at the vertical top.

Methods in weblogic.html with parameters of type AlignType
 TableDataElement TableDataElement.setAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the alignment of a TableDataElement.
 TableDataElement TableDataElement.setVAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the vertical alignment of a TableDataElement.
 TableCaptionElement TableCaptionElement.setAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the alignment for a TableCaptionElement to the specified AlignType.
 ColGroupElement ColGroupElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the alignment.
 ColGroupElement ColGroupElement.setVAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the vertical alignment for a ColGroupElement.
 TableRowElement TableRowElement.setAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the horizontal alignment (ALIGN) of a TableRowElement.
 TableRowElement TableRowElement.setVAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the vertical alignment (VALIGN) of a TableRowElement.
 TBodyElement TBodyElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a TBodyElement.
 TBodyElement TBodyElement.setVAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the vertical alignment for a ColGroupElement.
 LegendElement LegendElement.setAlign(AlignType alignment)
          Sets the alignment of a LegendElement relative to its FieldsetElement.
 AppletElement AppletElement.setAlign(AlignType val)
          Deprecated. Sets the alignment for an AppletElement.
protected  THeadElement THeadElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a THeadElement.
 THeadElement THeadElement.setVAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the vertical alignment for a ColGroupElement.
 InputElement InputElement.setAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the alignment of an InputElement.
 ImageElement ImageElement.setAlign(AlignType val)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for an ImageElement.
 TableElement TableElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the alignment for the table on the page.
 TFootElement TFootElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a TFootElement.
 TFootElement TFootElement.setVAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the vertical alignment for a TFootElement.
 SpacerElement SpacerElement.setAlign(AlignType alignment)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute of a SpacerElement.
 HorizontalRuleElement HorizontalRuleElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a HorizontalRuleElement.

Constructors in weblogic.html with parameters of type AlignType
ColGroupElement.ColGroupElement(java.lang.String span, AlignType align)
          Constructs a ColGroupElement with the specified span and alignment.
AppletElement.AppletElement(java.lang.String code, int width, int height, AlignType align)
          Deprecated. Constructs an AppletElement with the specified code, width, height, and alignment.
SpacerElement.SpacerElement(AlignType alignment, int width, int height)
          Constructs a SpacerElement of type block, for which the size attribute is ignored, and the alignment, width, and height must be set.

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