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Setting up the WebLogic code examples

Your distribution includes source code for a set of examples (in weblogic/examples).

You can run these examples by changing a few parameters and recompiling. The instructions in Setting your development environment tell you how to set up an environment in which you can run the examples. Each set of examples has an accompanying package-level description that includes specific instructions on how to set up, compile, and run each example. The package includes both Java files and HTML files that tell you about each class. All of the code examples are also available for browsing online.

Studying the code examples, along with the Developers Guides and the API Reference, will help you get started with WebLogic products.

Some of the examples can be run as stand-alone mini-applications. Some of the examples require that you have WebLogic running, and the database-related examples require that you have a database available for which you have username and password access.


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