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WebLogic IBM AS/400e with OS/400 Platform Support
Release Notes

Latest Certified Release

The latest certified release for IBM AS/400e is WebLogic Server Version 4.5.1. For more information, see Platform certification detail.

Certification for WebLogic Server 5.1.0 is still pending; contact your account manager for more informaton.

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Summary Information

Release 4.5 is WebLogic version 4.5 packaged for the IBM AS/400e platform. The WebLogic software is the same production WebLogic 4.5 product for all distributions. This IBM AS/400 distribution includes AS/400 direct executables, installation scripts, and other packaging for the AS/400 platform.

In addition to the notes in this document, please read the Release Notes for WebLogic 4.5 for release information about WebLogic version 4.5.

Release 4.5.0 -- 8/23/1999

WebLogic JMS persistence is not yet supported with DB2 because DB2 lacks the BLOB support JMS requires. Until BLOB support is available for DB2 (expected in the Fall of 1999), you can use a Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server, or Oracle database on another platform with a type 4 JDBC driver on the AS/400.

The OS/400 V4R3 JVM limits .jar file sizes to 2MB. The V4R4 JVM does not have this limitation. Since the weblogicaux.jar file exceeds 2MB, it is split into multiple .jar files in the V4R4 release, but not in the V4R4 release. For WebLogic Server 4.5.0, there are three weblogicaux.jar files in the OS/400 V4R3 release:

  • weblogicaux0.jar
  • weblogicaux1.jar
  • weblogicaux2.jar

Release 4.0.2 -- 5/17/1999

There are no AS/400-specific changes in this release. Please see Release Notes for WebLogic 4.0 for information about changes in release 4.0.2.

Release 4.0.1 -- 4/9/1999

There are no AS/400-specific changes in this release. Please see Release Notes for WebLogic 4.0.1 for information about changes in release 4.0.1.

Release 4.0 -- 2/2/1999

Tengah Server has been renamed to WebLogic Server. Along with this product name change, changes were made to directory names and AS/400-specific commands:

  • The AS/400 save file that you download from the WebLogic website contains a save file that has been renamed to weblversion.savf.

  • In earlier releases, WebLogic Server installed in the IFS directory /weblogic/tengah/version. With release 4.0, the tengah/ portion of the directory is dropped. The WebLogic Server now installs in the /weblogic/version IFS directory.

  • The INSTENGAH command is renamed INSWEBL.

  • The STRTENGAH command is renamed STRWEBL.

  • The ENDTENGAH command is renamed ENDWEBL.

  • The GOTENGAH command is renamed GOWEBL.

  • The LICTENGAH command is renamed LICWEBL.


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