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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use NoSuchObjectException

Uses of NoSuchObjectException in weblogic.rmi.extensions

Methods in weblogic.rmi.extensions that throw NoSuchObjectException
 boolean RemoteObjectHelper.unexportObject(boolean force)
          Releases the resources used to support the remote object.
 boolean BasicServerObjectReference.unexportObject(boolean force)
          Releases the resources associated with the remote object.
 weblogic.rmi.extensions.ServerObjectReference OIDMngr.getServerObjectReference(int oid)
          This method is used by dgc so that dgc can xmit abbreviations for remote refs, that is so that it is not forced to xmit objects.
 boolean ServerObjectReference.unexportObject(boolean force)
          Releases the resources associated with the remote object.

Uses of NoSuchObjectException in weblogic.rmi.server

Methods in weblogic.rmi.server that throw NoSuchObjectException
static Remote RemoteObject.toStub(Remote obj)
static boolean RemoteServer.unexportObject(Remote impl, boolean force)

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