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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.db.jdbc

Class Summary
Column A Column object contains the meta information for a table attribute.
DataSet DataSet is the abstract parent class of TableDataSet and QueryDataSet.
Enums Class for constants used in dbKona.
EventfulRecord An EventfulRecord is a dbKona record that sends events when it is changed.
EventfulTableDataSet An EventfulTableDataSet is a dbKona TableDataSet that sends and receives events when its data is updated locally or in the DBMS.
KeyDef A KeyDef object defines the fields in a TableDataSet object that will be used in updates and deletes.
QueryDataSet A QueryDataSet holds the results of an arbitrary SQL query.
Record A Record object is a collection of Value objects.
Schema A Schema contains metadata about the attributes associated with a DataSet.
SelectStmt SelectStmt objects are used to help build vendor-neutral Select statements with query-by-example (QBE) support.
TableDataSet A TableDataSet holds the results of an SQL query on a single table.
Value Value objects correspond to the attributes of a Record object.

Exception Summary
DataSetException A DataSetException is thrown whenever something that isn't a database server error goes wrong in a DataSet.
InvalidDateException An InvalidDateException is thrown when a date earlier than 1970 is encountered.

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