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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Package bea.jolt.pool

Class Summary
Connection This class represents a single connection (Session) to a BEA Jolt server and a BEA TUXEDO application.
DataSet This class contains data elements that contain the input or output parameters of a BEA TUXEDO service.
Result This class is returned by the method after a BEA TUXEDO service has been invoked.
SessionPool This class represents a session pool that contains one or more connections (sessions) to a BEA TUXEDO system.
SessionPoolManager This class manages a collection of one or more session pools.
Transaction This class is used to associate one or more BEA TUXEDO services into a single transaction.
UserInfo This class contains information for BEA TUXEDO user authentication.

Exception Summary
ApplicationException This exception is thrown when an application error occurs during a BEA TUXEDO service invocation, that is, when a BEA TUXEDO service returns with TPESVCFAIL.
ServiceException This exception is thrown when an error occurs in the execution of a BEA TUXEDO service.
SessionPoolException This exception is thrown when there is an error in the session pool.
TransactionException This exception is thrown when a transaction cannot be started, committed, or aborted.

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