Computer Security Seminar


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Roth


In this seminar, students perform literature research and practical exploration of computer security related topics. This is a so-called "Blockseminar" i.e., the students research their assigned topics independently throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, all seminar participants assemble for a day of seminar presentations. Details on the seminar topics and dates are given below.

Time and Location


Final presentations (expected)


Students are expected to:

Students will be graded on their preparedness for discussion, their presentations and their seminar report. The report must be typeset in LaTeX. Both the LaTeX source and the PDF generated from it must be submitted as a TAR or ZIP archive.

The seminar report must contain references to all the articles that were used. Each literature entry must include a brief and concise summary of the article's contribution and the contribution's benefits. Please use the BibTex "note" field for this purpose.


All seminar participants must perform a thorough search for scientific literature on their chosen topics. At least the following sources must be searched for relevant literature:

It is imperative that students follow literature references backwards (to identify seminal and foundational papers on their subject i.e., the first ones to report results on the topic under consideration) and forward (using the cited-by features of digital libraries, or Web searches for the current paper's title) to identify the most recent work on the topic under consideration.

Note that newsticker articles or Wikipedia articles do not count as scientific literature.