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Secure Identity
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The seminar covers current topics and publications in the field of information security. This seminar has a faster pace than most seminars and its structure differs from the (German) norm.

Students are not given one topic on which they have to prepare and present a report near the end of the semester. Instead, all seminar participants must read the papers assigned for each meeting and be prepared to discuss them.

In a round-robin fashion, students must present one of the selected papers plus related work. Related work must be identified by the student. The presentations can be short, ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, as long as the subsequent discussion is well-prepared and fruitful. Two papers will be presented per session provided there are enough participants.

Each presentation must address at least the following topics about the presented paper:

There is literature that teaches strategies how to read papers. Here is a starting point:

The discussion will depend on the type of contribution. If the contribution is, say, a security mechanism then we will ask questions such as:

Additionally, each student must develop and present a research idea at the end of the semester. It is not necessary to perform the actual research, but the presentation must clearly state:

Time and Location



Students will be graded on their preparedness for discussion, their presentations and their research proposal.

Seminar Meetings

Thu Oct 22, 2009

Please read the first paper and one of the remaining ones of your choice thoroughly, and skim the remaining papers.

Thu Oct 29, 2009

Please read the documents that have been published last week.

Read the following additional documents. Prepare a talk (5-15 minuts) to one of these documents.

Thu Nov 12, 2009

Read the following papers and prepare a talk to EROS and a talk to DStar. Read also referenced literature.

Thu Nov 26, 2009

Read the following papers, referenced and referencing literature and prepare 2 talks (one to TRINC and one to BUNKER)

Thu Dec 10, 2009

Read ALL the papers from the last WSEP workshop - session privacy metrics and techniques - and prepare a disussion about ALL the metrics and techniques presented in the workshop

Thu Jan 14, 2010

Read the following papers, referenced and referencing literature and prepare 2 talks.

Thu Jan 28, 2010

Presentation of research proposals

Thu Feb 4, 2010

Presentation of research proposals

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