Research Seminar


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Roth


This is the regular research seminar (Forschungsseminar) of the Secure Identity research group. The activities in this seminar include:

The seminar is open to the academic public. Since the seating of the room we usually use is quite limited, we ask you to give us a heads-up if you intend to attend so that we can organize a larger room, if necessary.

Time and Location



Meeting 1, Thursday April 21

We will meet with Frank Boldewin to talk about malware trends and malware research in academia, industry and the hacker community. The meeting will off-campus.

Meeting 2, Thursday April 28

Research round-table

Meeting 3, Thursday May 05

Thesis defense of Markus Decke with the topic "Anonyme Zugangsverfahren in WS-I kompatiblen Umgebungen."

Meeting 4, Thursday May 12

Research round-table

Meeting 5, Thursday May 19

Research round-table