Technical Reports 2000

The Doorastha System (B 00-01)
On the Monoexistence of Hausdorff-like Metrics for Fuzzy Sets (B 00-02)
Plankalkül: The First High-Level Programming Language and its Implementation (B 00-03)
On-line Algorithms for q-adic Covering of the Unit Interval and for Covering a Cube by Cubes (B 00-04)
A Constant Time Parallel Algorithm for the Triangularization of a Sparse Matrix using CD-PARBS (B 00-05)
Triangles of Extremal Area or Perimeter in a Finite Planar Point Set (B 00-06)
Lerninhalte und -ziele im Informatikunterricht der gymnasialen Oberstufe (B 00-07)
Relationships between Widths of a Convex Body and of an Inscribed Parallelotope (B 00-08)
Universal Synchronization Objects (B 00-09)
A Generic Design Concept for Geometric Algorithms (B 00-10)
Covering Shapes by Ellipses for the Computer Analysis of Protein Patterns (B 00-11)
(B 00-12)
Fast enumeration of point-hyperplane incidences (B 00-13)
The Robotic Soccer Turing Test(B 00-14)
Convex drawings of Planar Graphs and the Order Dimension of 3-Polytopes (B 00-15)
Hamiltonicity and Colorings of Arrangement Graphs (B 00-16)
Elektronische Kreide: Eine Java-Multimedia-Tafel für den Präsenz- und Fernunterricht (B 00-17)
Storage Area Network Optimization (B 00-18)
Monotone Subsequences in Rd (B 00-19)
Problems on Approximation By Triangles (B 00-20)
On Finding Maximum-Cardinality Symmetric (B 00-21)
Complexity Issues In Dynamic Geometry (B 00-22)
Proceedings of the 7th Doctoral Consortium at the CAiSE*00, Stockholm, Sweden, June 5th-6th 2000 (B 00-23)