Best Paper Award of SoCG 2022

The best paper award of SocG 2022 goes to Daniel Rutschmann and Manuel Wettstein for their paper Chains, Koch Chains, and Point Sets with many Triangulations. The full version of the paper is available on the arXiv.

Best Student Presentation Award

The Best Student Presentation Award will be determined and announced at the symposium, based on ballots cast by the attendees.

SoCG Test of Time Award 2022

The SoCG Test of Time Award 2022 goes to Helmut Alt and Michael Godau for their paper Measuring the resemblance of polygonal curves (proceedings version: [doi]; journal version: [doi]) and to Jiří Matoušek for his paper Efficient partition trees (proceedings version: [doi]; journal version: [doi]).

The awards will be presented in a special session on the last day of CG Week 2022.

Call for Nominations: SoCG Test of Time Award 2022