AG Sichere Identität

The Secure Identity Research Group (“AG Sichere Identität”) was established as the “Bundesdruckerei Stiftungsprofessur für Sichere Identität” in 2009 and is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Roth. Its offices are in Schwendener Straße 1, 14195 Berlin.

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Research Areas

Security and Privacy

The AG Sichere Identität reseaches and devises information and communication systems meant to protect the privacy and security of individuals against unchecked governmental and commercial exploitation. We strive to build systems that are as simple as necessary, but not more so, and are psychologically acceptable.

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User-Centered Security

Information security technology and the human users of that technology are hardly a match made in heaven. Most users do not have the necessary background to understand and build proper mental models of what the technology does. As a consequence they have challenges making the decisions that security systems require them to make. Furthermore, different types of users have different needs when it comes to security technology. User-centered security is about researching the best possible trade-offs and means to achieve good security that users are willing and able to use properly. In our current research, we focus on easy-to-use encryption tools for personal communication and improving the usability and security of passwords.

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Industrial Control System Security

Industry and administrations appear to be largely oblivious of the lessons of computer security history and rely on systems that are inadequate to handle today's threat model. This is hardly a surprise and one still wonders what it will take to prompt a substantial change to the better. Meanwhile, the situation is such that we cannot live with it any longer because our industry is getting increasingly connected and it is critical for the functioning of our modern society. For this reason, we established research and development program on industrial control systems security.

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The AG Sichere Identität offers introductory and graduate courses on computer security and applied cryptography. In addition, we offer seminars, theses and “Praktika” on various topics that span computer security, cryptography, networked systems security, privacy, and human factors in relation to security.

In the SUMMER TERM 2018, we offer the following courses:

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Please note that “Praktikumsanmeldungen” are by appoinment only. Please send e-mail to Isabella Bargilly in order to get an appointment. Before registering your “Praktikum” please make sure that you have read and understood the advice on this page.

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