Planning and implementing a multiple user API designing process

worked on by: Felix Dietz


(Work in progress)

To continue the development of saros for different platforms (such as IntelliJ or Netbeans) it would be an asset to have a useful separation of core - and IDE-specific implementations. Consequential effects could be:
  • a better understanding of the Saros project
  • a useful core-API for further development
  • a better entry point for new and aspiring Saros developers
  • a more convenient way to port Saros to other IDEs
  • ...

This thesis is devoted to designing a reasonable and sophisticated Saros core API. However, the main focus is designing, planning and implementing a process to conveniently and efficiently manage and connect the work of several developers - who all have their own specialisation and field of work - to achieve the abovementioned goal.

Thesis Requirements


Milestones and Planning


Milestone no. Past daysSorted ascending CW Goals target accomplished wrench
1 DONE 1 CWXX Goals accomplished


Weekly Status

Week 1 (CW XX)


  • Work on checklist
  • Start first steps


  • Finished checklist
  • TBA

Next Steps

  • TBA


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