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Saros STF Tests

This page tracks the progress of our "translation" of manual tests (from TestLink) into STF tests.

Translated tests

Not translated tests

  • Saros-1:First effects of starting Eclipse
  • Saros-10:Parallel invitation without termination
  • Saros-100:Remove Users from Roster
  • Saros-101:Icon appearance in views and menues
  • Saros-102:Basic whiteboard features
  • Saros-103:Cannot creat cycles with undo
  • Saros-104:Concurrent edit
  • Saros-105:Sharing 2 projects
  • Saros-106:Sharing 3 projects
  • Saros-107:Check Saros Menu and Preferences GUI
  • Saros-108:Add 3 new projects to a existing session
  • Saros-109:Viewport annotation only for active editor
  • Saros-11:Concurrent Undo
  • Saros-110:Balloon pop-up message when inconsistencies are detected
  • Saros-111:User away image appearance
  • Saros-112:Synchronized follow button/buddy status
  • Saros-113:Connection state aware GUI
  • Saros-114:Credentials encryption
  • Saros-115:IBB Transfer
  • Saros-116:Merged Session and Roster View
  • Saros-12:Parallel invitation with termination by invitees
  • Saros-13:Driver Saves Files
  • Saros-14:Request for survey dialog
  • Saros-15:Parallel invitation with termination by host
  • Saros-16:Driver Resets Files
  • Saros-18:Creating New Files
  • Saros-19:Slightly parallel invitation without termination
  • Saros-20:All participants follow driver
  • Saros-21:Host as driver invites belatedly
  • Saros-22:Changing driver while other follow
  • Saros-23:Driver change while no one is in followmode
  • Saros-24:Driver change and immediate write
  • Saros-25:Driver leaves session and will be invited again
  • Saros-26:File Operations
  • Saros-27:Testing broken network connections
  • Saros-28:Stress Test
  • Saros-29:Host leaves / ends meeting
  • Saros-3:Create new Jabber account/Add contact
  • Saros-30:Stop Manager
  • Saros-31:Invitation of other IM clients
  • Saros-32:Version clash
  • Saros-33:Data annotation and viewport
  • Saros-34:Version clash 2
  • Saros-35:Version clash 3
  • Saros-36:Edit during invitation
  • Saros-37:Edit during invitation parallel
  • Saros-38:Followmode and debugging
  • Saros-39:Changing names in RosterView
  • Saros-40:Followmode and refactoring
  • Saros-41:Consistency Recovery
  • Saros-42:Simultaneous Consistency Recovery
  • Saros-43:Folder Operations
  • Saros-44:Simple Follow Mode I
  • Saros-45:Simple Follow Mode II
  • Saros-46:Creating, Editing and Deleting Files and Folders
  • Saros-47:Handling Inconsistencies
  • Saros-48:Leaving Follow Mode and Switching Back
  • Saros-49:Join Chatroom + Beep on message receive + Leave chatroom
  • Saros-5:Strict sequential invitation without termination
  • Saros-51:Indirectly leaving the room through saros session disconnect
  • Saros-52:Change chatserver settings
  • Saros-56:Warn about deleting files when synchronizing during invitation
  • Saros-57:Create VoIP session
  • Saros-58:Leave a VoIP session
  • Saros-59:Invite a user who is already in a VoIP session
  • Saros-60:Leaving shared project session while in VoIP session
  • Saros-61:Successful transmission
  • Saros-62: Receiver does not accept file
  • Saros-63:Receiver cancels file dialog
  • Saros-64:Receiver cancels the transmisson
  • Saros-65:Sender cancels the transmisson
  • Saros-66:Screensharing
  • Saros-67:User rejects screenshare
  • Saros-68:Users already in a session
  • Saros-69:Streaming invitation
  • Saros-7:Consistency Watchdog and StopManager
  • Saros-71:Streaming invitation with termination
  • Saros-72:Test reconnecting after broken network connections
  • Saros-74:Session not closed/left when disconnecting
  • Saros-75:Testing streaming decription
  • Saros-76:Correct placement of chat elements
  • Saros-77:Testing IBB invitation after reconnect
  • Saros-78:Saros stays silent when versions are compatible
  • Saros-79:20100728-15:04:23 Version clash 3
  • Saros-80:SVN checkout
  • Saros-81:SVN checkout fails (no access to repository)
  • Saros-82:SVN checkout fails (no Subclipse)
  • Saros-83:Editor closes on follower side
  • Saros-84:Synchronize file modifications outside of editors
  • Saros-85:Connecting to roster with incomplete credentials
  • Saros-86:Saros support icon in RosterView
  • Saros-87:Observer trying to type
  • Saros-88:Multiple account management
  • Saros-89:Composing state
  • Saros-9:Share Text-File Encoding Settings
  • Saros-90:ChatView explanation
  • Saros-91:Correct treatment of non HEAD revisions
  • Saros-92:Synchronization of SVN enabled project without VCS option
  • Saros-93:ChatView closes on InvitationCancellation
  • Saros-94:Opening and closing the ChatView while Saros session is running
  • Saros-95:ChatView displayes re-entring users correctly
  • Saros-96:ChatView supports a Saros session participants color change
  • Saros-97:Correct display of explanation
  • Saros-98:Cancellation of initial invitation
  • Saros-99:Cancellation of invitation in running Saros session

Tests in progress

Tests requiring translation

How to run saros STF tests locally?

STF Tests are specified Junit-tests, which can controls the remote saros-instances. Saros-instances should be run with test-mode, in this way all remote offered commands(RMI interfaces) is available for developer of tests.

  • First you need to run the saros-instances with test-mode. This can be done with follow steps.
    • Make sure your local saros project has the name "Saros".
    • I've already created 5 launch configurations for STF-Testings with the layout Saros_STF_[TESTER_NAME].launch, which are located in directory [Saros]/test/resources/launch. You need to only run the appropriate launch file, depending on which tests you perform. You can also just open the plugin.xml file and in the tab "Overview" just click on. Launch this application. You will get a list of the launch configurations.
      • e.g. Junit-test "AccountPreferenceTest" in Package "de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.stf.test.account" needs only the musician "ALICE". In this case, you need to only run Saros_STF_Alice.launch.
      • To run "" should be started all testers alice, bob, carl, dave and edna.
  • After that you can run the tests with Run As -> JUnit Test.
  • Now you can see how the testers operate your saros-instances!

How to write saros STF tests locally?

  • start the required musicians
  • create a test case
  • execute the test case
  • rewrite until the test case pass
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