RQCconf: Review Quality Collector for conferences

The implementation of this idea is online since September 2016. Read up on it at


This page has therefore become mostly obsolete and has accordingly been cut down to a few pieces of possible historical or future interest.

Software implementation status until September 2016

I have started to implement a web-based solution in July 2015. It went online September 1st, 2016. For the development history from that time on, see the RQC past and future page. This is a view of the history before that time:
  • Fundamental functionality
    • Reading a review quality definition DONE 2015-07
    • Reading reviewing information from Easychair DONE 2015-09
    • Reading reviewing information from some other conference mgmt system TO DO?
    • Producing a reviewing receipt DONE 2016-04
  • Interaction with PC chairs (primary RQC users)
    • Configuring a use of RQC for one conference DONE 2016-03
    • Review quality definition example DONE 2016-07
    • Sending report and notification emails DONE 2016-05
    • Showing reports DONE 2016-07
    • Letting the chair step in as review grader for orphaned reviews DONE 2016-07
  • Interaction with reviewers (secondary RQC users)
    • Sending notification emails DONE 2016-05
    • Opting out DONE 2016-06
    • Grading a review DONE 2016-04
    • Emailing a reviewing receipt DONE 2016-07
  • Infrastructure
    • Content management DONE 2016-05
    • Time-triggered activity DONE 2016-05
    • Test server & deployment DONE 2016-06
    • Staging and production server & deployment DONE 2016-08
    • Database backup and restore DONE 2016-08
  • Miscellaneous
    • Security review DONE 2016-08
    • Filling gaps in the automated tests DONE 2016-08
    • Acceptance testing DONE 2016-08
    • Homepage and editorial content DONE
    • Visual design DONE

List of conference management systems

Kalmukov (2011) provides some discussion on several of these.

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