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Examination Board

The exam board is in charge of course recognition and issues concerning courses and exams.


With questions concerning Campus Management, official forms, registration to modules, etc please contact the Office of Examination (

With questions concerning the profile area Life Science please contact Dr. Sandro Andreotti (

With questions concerning the profile area Data Science Technologies please contact Prof. Katinka Wolter (


The members can be found on the department website for the examination board MSc Data Science:

Member list.

Important Aspects in the choice of courses

Ungraded Modules

During your studies some ECTS must be unmarked. The rules for the MSc Data Science are as follows.
  • For all tracks the modules Statistics (10 ECTS), Introduction to Focus Areas (5 ECTS), Programming for Data Science (5 ECTS) and Ethical Foundations of Data Science (5 ECTS) are unmarked.
  • The tracks Life Science and Social Science have in addition the module Research Practice (10 ECTS) which is unmarked.
  • In the Technologies Track no further unmarked modules are mandatory.
According to the study regulations the Technologies track has 25 ECTS unmarked while both, the Life Science and the Social Science tracks have 35 ECTS unmarked.

Master's Thesis

For your Master's thesis you need to find a supervisor. Often this will be the instructor of a project you did. Together with your supervisor you must specify the topic and mode of working. If you want to write your thesis in a company, you also need a supervisor at the university, who must agree with the topic.

Course recognition


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