ObjectSpace Voyager ORB 3.1.1


Welcome to Voyager! Here are some links to the documentation in this release:

API Documentation
The Voyager ORB 3.1 API Specification is provided in javadoc format.
Voyager 3.1.1 Developer Guide
The Voyager ORB 3.1.1 Developer Guide is provided in .PDF format. These documents require the Acrobat reader available from Adobe.
The readme provides a general overview of the Voyager 3.1 distribution and provides useful information regarding contents of the package, setup, and contacting ObjectSpace.
The changes document cites differences from previous version and lists new features.
Installation Instructions
The installation instructions inform you about how to correctly set up your Voyager distribution.
Release Notes
The release notes cover any last minute changes or issues that are not reflected in the other documentation.

Voyager is a product of ObjectSpace, Inc. Please view the copyright notice and license agreement before using this release.

Copyright 1997-1999 ObjectSpace, Inc., 14850 Quorum Drive, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75240 USA. All rights reserved.