Class handleWebRequest

Draft by Simon Berg, 8.1.1999


this one is a servlet which gets requests by user clients, triggers the search process and generates the output.
it'll create an object which contains the instructions the user gave. this object is passed to the query parser.
after some calls, it recieves an object which contains references to found datasets and renders them into html.


there are two class methods:

webRequest getWebRequest()


these ones could be private, depending on how the dataflow will be implemented.



The object webRequest contains two linked lists (vectors) of dynamic size and a bitfield for future use:

 filterExpressionVector(String[512] filterExpression, String[512] rankingExpression)

this can be null. to prohibit the possible exploit of a buffer overflow, the strings will
have a maximum size of 512 characters.


 metaInformationVector(String[50] metaKey, String[512] metaValue)

this can be null.
note: under no circumstances both of the vectors will be null. emtpy requests will be handled internally.

metaKey is one of

sematntics of <1 elements in the vector is logical AND for both of the vectors.

word flags




Reference list to picked entries (Vector?)