19504 V Rechnerstrukturen/Technical Computer Science Part I

Lecturer: Schiller
Office Hours: Tuesday 14-15

Location: Takustraße 9, HS 
Time: Friday, 10-12, starts 19.10.01

Content: Rechnerstrukturen/Technical Computer Science Part I forms the fundament for all further lectures, seminaries, tutorials etc. in the area of technical computer science. The following topics are covered in this course: internal data representation, error detection and correction, logic and Boolean gates, design of basic networks, coders/decoders, multiplexers, ROM, PLA, adders, synchronous and asynchronous automata, flip-flops, RAM, memory, registers, controllers, simple computer architecture, micro programming, transistors, integrated circuits.

Participants: undergraduate students (recommended: 1. Semester)

Prerequisites: none

Criteria for successful participation/Scheinkriterien:

This course comprises lectures and tutorials. Each week homework assignments will be given for the tutorials. The following is required for the participation in the final exam:

Why these criteria? Well, statistics show that over 85% of students failing in the exams did not do their assignments or did not actively participate in the tutorials. Thus, these criteria are in your own interest!

Fulfilling the criteria allows you to participate in the written exam. To pass the exam 40% of the max. points are needed. The final degree depends on the written exam only.

Homework assignments:

  1. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, November 2nd)

  2. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, November 9th)

  3. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, November 16th)

  4. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, November 23rd)

  5. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, November 30th)

  6. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, December 7th)

  7. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, December 14th)

  8. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, December 21st)

  9. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, January 11th)

  10. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, January 18th)

  11. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, January 25th)

  12. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, February 1st)

  13. Assignment (deadline: 12:00h, February 8th)

Exam: 22.02.2002, 10:15-11:45 (incl. preparation etc.), only paper, pencil & your brain permitted! At least 40% of the max. number of points required to pass. Max. number of points is 60, thus 24 points are required to pass. Duration of the exam is 60 minutes.

Exam Solution

Exam Solution

For results see pin board opposite R155! Questions? See me during my office hours.

2nd chance: April 9th, 10-12h, HS Takustr. - Do not forget you Student ID + personal ID cards!

Literature: A copy of the slides is available (and without the slides it is very difficult to follow the lectures...)!
Where? R155, Takustr. 9
When? Tue-Fri, 10am-1pm
How much? 4€

Online material: