Setting up Visual Cafe with the WebLogic Bean Bar

  1. Install Visual Cafe with the JFC option.
  2. Edit the bin\sc.ini file in your Visual Cafe installation and add weblogic\classes and weblogic\lib\weblogicaux.jar to the end of the CLASSPATH. Make sure the SWINGALL.JAR is also in the CLASSPATH.
  3. Run Cafe.
  4. From the Insert menu, select Component into Library. Then, from the file browser, find and select the "weblogicbeans.jar" in the weblogic/lib/ directory.
  5. Right-click the mouse on the component palette toolbar to pop up the Component Palette tab. Drag the "weblogicbeans" folder from the Available components to the Palette list. (Note that some of the GUI components will be added to the Swing group, which you can drag to the WebLogic group.
  6. Start a project! There are instructions in the Developers Guide

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