WebLogic Server is an open, extensible, standards-based application server platform for assembling, deploying, and managing distributed applications.

With WebLogic Server, you deliver your networked applications faster, more reliably, and with all the benefits of Java. WebLogic Server's powerful Enterprise JavaBeans server and container provide industry-leading functionality, flexibility, and performance . . . and it's available now!

WebLogic Server meets your requirements for:




See how WebLogic Server can --

Build for the Enterprise with the suite of Java Platform for the Enterprise services!

Accelerate your time-to-market for Java applications!

Scale up and manage your runtime environments as your needs grow!

WebLogic Server is a rich, high-performance, fully integrated Java platform for enterprise applications:

All this with . . .

  • Enterprise JavaBeans -- including entity and session beans, container-managed persistence, and support for Java Transaction Service (JTS)
  • Distributed objects and services -- including Java, COM, and CORBA
  • Servlets and JSP for the web
  • Zero administration clients
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • Security, via SSL and ACLs
  • Multitier JDBC
  • HTTP and IIOP firewall tunneling
  • Graphical management console
  • Development wizards
  • Distributed, classic JavaBeans

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