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Troubleshooting problems with shared libraries on UNIX

When you install a native two-tier JDBC driver, configure WebLogic Server to use performance packs, or set up WebLogic as a webserver on UNIX, you install shared libraries or shared objects (distributed with the WebLogic software) on your system. This document discusses problems you may encounter and suggests solutions for them.

After an application is linked with the shared versions of libraries (.so or .sl extensions), at runtime those libraries must be loaded into the application process. The loader looks for the libraries in different locations. How the loader works differs across the different flavors of UNIX. Here we discuss Solaris and HP-UX.

WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Use the procedures for setting your shared libraries as described in this document. The actual path you specify will depend on your Oracle client version, your Oracle Server version and other factors. For details, see Setting your path and client libraries in Installing WebLogic jDriver for Oracle.


To find out which dynamic libraries are being used by an executable you can run the ldd command on the application. If the output of this command indicates that libraries are not found, then add the location of the libraries to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable as follows (for C or Bash shells):

# setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH weblogic_directory/lib/solaris:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Once you have done this, ldd should no longer complain about missing libraries.


The shared library problem you are most likely to encounter after installing WebLogic on an HP-UX system is incorrectly set file permissions. After installing WebLogic, ensure that the shared library permissions are set correctly with the chmod command. Here is an example to set the correct permissions for HP-UX 11.0:

% cd weblogic_directory/lib/hpux11
% chmod 755 *.sl

If you encounter problems loading shared libraries after you have set the file permissions, there could be a problem locating the libraries. First, make sure that the weblogic_directory/lib/hpux11 is in the SHLIB_PATH environment variable:

% echo $SHLIB_PATH

If the directory is not listed, add it:

# setenv SHLIB__PATH weblogic_directory/lib/hpux11:$SHLIB_PATH

Alternatively, you can copy (or link) the .sl files from the WebLogic distribution to a directory that is already in the SHLIB_PATH variable.

If you still have problems, use the chatr command to specify that the application should search directories in the SHLIB_PATH environment variable. The +s enabled option sets an application to search the SHLIB_PATH variable. Here is an example of this command, run on the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle shared library for HP-UX 11.0:

# cd weblogic_directory/lib/hpux11
# chatr +s enable

Check the chatr man page for more information on this command.


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