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Other online references

We have pulled together links to some online references that we hope will save you some time in searching for information about other manufacturers' products that you may be using along with WebLogic software. We can't answer questions about other products, but we can provide some useful links as a courtesy to our users. Of course, a link on this page doesn't imply that we endorse the products or the services.

We update this page frequently, and we check every link each time we update the page. If you find a missing or broken link, please send the URL to our webmaster.


Download directory at the Java site
JDK 1.1.2 for SGI customers
Where Can I Read About . . . ?
Java Tutorial (Javasoft)
Books on Java
Java usenet newsgroup
Java FAQ from
Bilow's "Links to Java Resources"
Other Java links


JDBC API documentation (java.sql.*)
General JDBC API information
IBM DB2 JDBC application and applet support

Development tools and environments

Sun's Java Workshop
Symantec developer tools
Powersoft PowerJ tech support

Tech support for DBMS manufacturers

Informix customer support
Informix online documentation
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle (All fee-based)
Sybase Services and Support page
Sybase manuals online

Sybase's Technical Information Library

Other DBMS links

Personal Oracle 7.3.x client libraries
(as part of the Oracle7 Workgroup Server package)

Java-enabled web servers

Microsoft Internet Information Server
Tech support page

Netscape Servers
Tech support page
Dev Edge Online
Oracle's web server (no specific support online)


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