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Our customers say...

Here are just a few of the compliments like those that have given our Customer Support team the reputation of the "best in the business."

"I wanted to thank you for your effort in helping us diagnose the 'Out of Memory' condition that we have experienced with one of our Alain Pinel applications. Based on the information that you provided, we are now formulating a fix for this problem.

You folks have been very responsive in dealing with a problem that turned out to be not of your making. Thanks again..."

Terry Lillie, President, OMIX, Inc.

"I wanted to bring to your attention two of your employees, Karl and David, who did an excellent job in assisting me on a tech support call. I deal with lots of different companies' support departments on a daily basis, and I do it myself in my own company's MIS department."

"I was having a lot of trouble installing the WebLogic Server to run as a service on my NT 4.0 machine, and both of your people assisted me on a very timely basis. Your product will become a pillar upon which one of our Java App Products is based on, so the performance of WebLogic as well as your tech support staff is critical to our product's success."

"While I am just learning about WebLogic, I have a functional understanding of the processes involved. Both Karl and David took the time to understand my problem(s) and even showed me some Java utilities that I can use in the future to do diagnostics on my own, as well as the immediate answers I was looking for. This kind of attitude saves both of our companies time and money in the future, since I will soon be an install engineer for our product suite."

"Please pass on my thanks to both of them for their assistance."

Pieter Humphrey, Systems Manager, EC Cubed, Inc.

"You guys are cool. Just went looking for help on a CLASSPATH problem and Alta Vista delivered up your Tech Info article 'Troubleshooting CLASSPATH.'"


"I would like to mention [...] that I was extremely impressed at the response time of your support. I would have been impressed with an answer in the 48-hour range, and you were able to provide a response in about one hour. A pleasant change from what I've come to expect from my vendor's technical support."


"... Anyway, we are using WebLogic in a project that will publish the archives of Sweden's major newspapers and radio news broadcasts on the Web (in the future we may add other sources as well). The articles and radio news are stored in Oracle, so we use JDBC to access Oracle from the Web server application (it is totally written in Java). The text stored in Oracle is indexed separately by an external search engine (Excalibur RetrievalWare)."

"The final test phase of the project will begin on Monday 17th, and we hope that the system will be in production before Christmas. So far, we are very pleased with the WebLogic product, and I've been in contact with Richard of your support team, who gave me very good help recently."

WebLogic customer in Sweden

"Thanks. You guys are speedy!"

Andy, Trilogy Development Group, Inc.

"The information you have provided has been invaluable. We have decided to build our solution on WebLogic. I want to thank you that you for your honesty and dedicated support throughout the analysis process. I truly believe, that WebLogic is committed to serious tech support."

Felipe, Alyanza Software, LLC

"Three hurrahs for your idea of adding entries to the Hosts file . . . I think we have got the problem nearly nabbed. It's always the WebLogic people who solve things . . ."



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