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Technical FAQ: General questions about Java

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Q When sending a message between client and server I received a StackOverflowException. What's going on?

A If you are sending a particularly large data structure using, you may exceed the per-thread size limit for either the Java or native stack. You can increase the stack size by using the following command line options:

-ss Stacksize to increase the native stack size or

-oss Stacksize to increase the Java stack size,

where Stacksize is expressed as an integer followed by "k" or "m" for kbytes or mbytes. For example,

$java -ss156k (native)

$java -oss600k (Java)

The default native stack size is 128k, with a minimum value of 1000 bytes. The default java stack size is 400k, with a minimum value of 1000 bytes.

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Problems reading jar files with ZipFile

Q I am trying to read some jar files but the following exception is thrown: end of ZLIB input stream.

I used JDK 1.1.x to jar the files.

A There is a bug in JDK 1.1.x which causes the ZipFile class to read beyond the end-of-file. JavaSoft recommends the following workaround:

Do not attempt to read more bytes than the entry contains. Call ZipEntry.getSize() to get the actual size of the entry and use that value to keep track of the remaining number of bytes while reading the entry. There is additional information available from the JavaSoft Bug Parade.


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