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Technical FAQ: Questions about WebLogic Events

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Should every thread I'm using make a client connection to WebLogic?

Q I'm writing an applet to talk to a server-side process. In the applet, I set up a client-side listener, a thread with an action() method. In the constructor, I pass the T3Client object to use when needed for event registration, etc. The applet waits on an event send, and then executes its action. Is this a good way to do this? Or should every thread make a client connection to the WebLogic Server?


With WebLogic Events, you do not need separate threads to listen for events. All that is handled transparently by WebLogic.

Just write your applet to implement the ActionDef interface, which you will specify as the Action class, and then provide the action() method. When an EventMessage reaches the topic tree, the action() method in your class is called automatically in a separate thread, on the client or the server, depending on how you have set it up.


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