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Technical FAQ: Questions about code examples

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Why can't I get an example class file to work?

Q I'm trying to run a dbKona example class file with the command java classname and it doesn't work. My CLASSPATH is set to .;/usr/weblogic/classes.

A Make sure you have read the Getting Started document on Setting up the WebLogic examples. There are also detailed instructions in HTML in each example directory. Here are some troubleshooting tips to review if you are having problems running the code examples:

  • Did you compile the example you are trying to run?

  • If you did, are the resulting Java class files in your CLASSPATH?

  • If so, are you invoking the program with the full package name?

For example, to compile weblogic/src/examples/dbkona/ use the commands:

  cd weblogic/src/examples/dbkona
  javac -d c:/weblogic/classes

And then run the example with the command:

   java examples.dbkona.query

The javac command produces the file c:/weblogic/classes/examples/dbkona/query.class. The directory c:/weblogic/classes must be in your CLASSPATH when you run the example.

If these instructions do not make sense to you, read Troubleshooting compilation problems for a fuller explanation.

How do I use the Cloudscape evaluation version with the examples?

Q I'm trying to run the EJB examples, but I get errors when the server is trying to create the demoPool connection pool using the Cloudscape JDBC driver. How do I fix this?

A An evaluation version of the Cloudscape database management system is included in your WebLogic distribution, but must be set up properly for it to work with the code examples. For detailed instructions, see Using the Cloudscape database.


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