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Introducing BEA WebLogic Server 5.1


About BEA WebLogic Server 5.1

WebLogic Server is an application server, a runtime environment that provides infrastructure services such as database access, transaction coordination, and a component framework for distributed applications. WebLogic Server also provides administrative features such as configurable security, management and application deployment tools, and clustering to promote high availability and scalability.

WebLogic Server operates at the center of a multitier architecture. Clients can be very light-weight, greatly simplifying application deployment. Complete enterprise applications can be built with nothing more than WebLogic Server and a web browser on the client.

WebLogic Server also manages access to database systems, Java Transaction Service (JTS), and other shared resources on behalf of clients. It presents a consistent development environment that is independent from the specific back-end services employed. For example, code to perform a database query is identical, whether the query actually executes on an Oracle, Sybase, Informix, or IBM DB2 database. Changing from one database vendor to another only requires changing the software layer that WebLogic Server uses to access the database.

WebLogic Server supports a variety of published application development standards that make it easy to develop or acquire software components that can be easily integrated into an enterprise application. WebLogic Server supports the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, a collection of Java APIs that allows developers to build powerful, component-based applications.

Standards Compatibility

WebLogic Server 5.1 supports the following J2EE standards:










1.1 and 2.0

Java RMI


Other Standards




X. 509








For more information on specification compatibility, please see our Platform Support page.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to learn about new the features and to get started with WebLogic Server 5.1:

  1. Read these Release Notes

  2. Install the product, following the Installation Guide, which is provided in these formats:

Using the Documentation

WebLogic Server documentation for this release is available at these locations:

Documentation for all BEA products can be accessed through the BEA documentation portal at

Customer Support

BEA is always ready to offer our best customer support and help. Please contact or call 1-888-232-7878.