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WebLogic Siemens Reliant UNIX Platform Support

Latest Certified Release

The latest certified release is WebLogic Server 4.0.3. For more information, see Platform certification detail or contact your account manager.

Site Information

Reliant UNIX is the Siemens Computer Systems version of UNIX for Siemens computers.

General Information

WebLogic Server release 4.0.3 is certified and supported with Reliant UNIX 5.44C for MIPS machines using JAE 1.1B40 and JDEV 1.1B40, which together are equivalent to the JavaSoft 1.1.6 JDK.

You can download the JAE and JDEV from the Siemens website.

JAE V1.1B has the same functionality as the Java runtime environment in JDK Version 1.1.6 from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Use green threads (the default) with this JDK, since the available thread package (DCE threads) requires installation of an add-on package and we were unable to determine if this will continue as the preferred thread model for Siemens. You can explicitly select green threads on the java command line, set the environment variable THREADS_FLAG, or just let the JVM default to green threads.


WebLogic Server 4.0.3 was certified using the WebLogic jdbcKona/Oracle Type 2 driver (known in later releases as WebLogic jDriver for Oracle), linked with the Oracle 8.0.4 client libraries.

The WebLogic native library for jdbcKona/Oracle can be obtained by contacting technical support. The library will be included in subsequent WebLogic Server releases.


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