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WebLogic Linux Platform Support

Latest Certified Release

WebLogic Server 4.5.1. For more information about this release, see Platform certification detail. Please note that platform certification for WebLogic Server Version 5.1.0 is still in progress; contact your account manager for more information.

WebLogic Server Releases 3.1.x and 4.0.x

WebLogic Server releases 3.1.x and 4.0.x are certified and supported with Red Hat Linux 5.2 for Intel machines using Blackdown JDK 1.1.7v1a.

You can download the Blackdown JDK from the Blackdown Java Linux website.

With this JDK version, you must specify -green on the Java command line to use the green threads implementation. The native threads implementation in this JDK is still in beta and is not supported with WebLogic Server.

WebLogic Server Release 4.5.1

WebLogic Server release 4.5.1 is certified and supported on Red Hat Linux 6.0 with the IBM Linux JVM 1.1.8. Since the IBM 1.1.8 JVM uses native threads, we recommend this JVM. We have not tested the Blackdown JDK with this release.

You can download the IBM JVM from IBM's developerWorks Java technology zone.

JDBC testing

The WebLogic Server is tested on Linux with the following JDBC drivers:

  • Sybase jConnect for Sybase SQL Server
  • WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server (formerly known as jdbcKona/MSSQLServer4)
  • WebLogic jDriver for Informix (formerly known as jdbcKona/Informix4)


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