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WebLogic AIX Platform Support

Latest Certified Releases

The latest certified release for AIX 4.3 is WebLogic Server Release 4.5.1. For more information, see Platform certification detail.
The latest certified release for AIX 4.2 is WebLogic Server Release 4.5.0. For more information, see Platform certification detail.

Platform certification for WebLogic Server Release 5.1 is in progress. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Site Information

AIX is IBM's version of UNIX for RS/6000 computers. For information on AIX, go to IBM's website.

Get the JDK for AIX 4.2.1 and AIX 4.3.2, and the latest JDK patch, from the IBM Java Technology web page.

General Information

WebLogic Server 4.5.1 is certified on AIX 4.3.2 with the September 3 JDK patch (IY04170). If it is no longer available on the IBM web site, you can request it from IBM technical support, or try the latest posted JDK patch.

If you run the WebLogic Server on an AIX system with limited resources, you may encounter a core dump or the system may crash completely. Adding RAM/Paging fixes this, but we have reported the problem to IBM.

The jdbcKona/Oracle type 2 JDBC driver is available for AIX 4.2 and 4.3. The driver is built and certified with Oracle 7.3.4 client libraries. You can also use the jdbcKona/Informix4 and jdbcKona/MSSQLServer4 type 4 drivers on AIX. See Platform support for jdbcKona JDBC drivers for more information about jdbcKona availability. (Please note that starting with WebLogic Server Release 5.1, jdbcKona drivers are known as the WebLogic jDriver family of JDBC drivers.)

On AIX, the WebLogic-to-Netscape-Enterprise-Server Bridge (NSAPI) synchronizes communications from the proxy to the WebLogic Server to avoid problems encountered with these products on AIX. As a result NSAPI on AIX is single-threaded, allowing just one access at a time.


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