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Jolt for WebLogic Server User's Guide


Introduction to Jolt for WebLogic

Key Features

How Jolt for WebLogic Works

Relationship Between Jolt for WebLogic and Tuxedo

Essential Components of the Jolt Architecture

WebLogic Server Startup

Connecting to a WebLogic Server From a Client Browser

How a Servlet Connects to Tuxedo

What Happens If the Request Fails

Responding to the Client Browser

Disconnecting From the Jolt Server

Using the Example Packages

Configuring Jolt for WebLogic

Configuring Jolt for Tuxedo

Configuring Jolt for WebLogic

Jolt Startup Properties

Jolt Shutdown Properties

Displaying Jolt in the WebLogic Console

Implementing Jolt for WebLogic

Importing Packages

Configuring a Session Pool

Using a Servlet Session Pool

Calling a Tuxedo Service

Sending a ServletDataSet

Adding Parameters to the Dataset

Accessing a Tuxedo Service Through Jolt

Converting Java Data Types to Tuxedo Data Types

Receiving Results From a Service

Using the Result.getValue() Method

Using the ServletResult.getStringValue() Method

Using a Transaction

Handling Exceptions

Class Hierarchy for Jolt for WebLogic API