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Class Hierarchy for Jolt for WebLogic API


The following listing shows the class hierarchy for the Jolt for WebLogic API. Refer to the appropriate Java documentation for details about each class and method.


Class java.lang.Object
Class bea.jolt.pool.Connection
Class java.util.Dictionary
Class java.util.Hashtable
(implements java.lang.Cloneable,
Class bea.jolt.pool.DataSet
Class bea.jolt.pool.Result
Class bea.jolt.pool.servlet.ServletResult
Class bea.jolt.pool.servlet.ServletDataSet
Class bea.jolt.pool.SessionPoolManager
Class bea.jolt.pool.servlet.ServletSessionPoolManager
Class bea.jolt.pool.Factory
Class bea.jolt.pool.SessionPool
Class bea.jolt.pool.servlet.ServletSessionPool
Class java.lang.Throwable
Class java.lang.Exception
Class java.lang.RuntimeException
Class bea.jolt.pool.ApplicationException
Class bea.jolt.pool.Transaction
Class bea.jolt.pool.UserInfo