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Purpose of This Document

This document describes BEA® WebLogic® Server, and provides an introduction to developing distributed applications with WebLogic Server 5.1.

Who Should Read This Document

This document is for anyone who wants to build e-commerce applications using WebLogic Server, including developers, system administrators, and network administrators. It assumes a familiarity with Java programming and web-based applications.

How This Document is Organized

Introduction to BEA WebLogic Server is organized as follows:

How to Use This Document

This document, Introduction to BEA WebLogic Server, is available in hardcopy and online in PDF format. You can print this document using Adobe Acrobat. Retrieve the PDF file from the Internet at If you have WebLogic Server 5.1 on CD-ROM, the file is on the CD-ROM at /documents/docs/intro/intro.pdf.

Related Documents

The documentation for WebLogic Server can be found on the Internet at the URL If you have WebLogic Server 5.1 on CD-ROM, you can view the documentation with a browser by loading the /documentation/docs/index.html file from your CD-ROM.

The documentation on our Web site is updated frequently. You can always find the most current documentation by browsing our Web site.

Contact Information

The following sections provide information about how to obtain support for the documentation and software.

Documentation Support

If you have questions or comments on the documentation, you can contact us by e-mail at

Customer Support

If you have any questions about this version of WebLogic Server, or if you have problems installing and running WebLogic Server, contact Customer Support through BEA WebSupport at You can also contact Customer Support by using the contact information provided on the Customer Support Card, which is included in the product package.

When contacting Customer Support, be prepared to provide the following information: