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Class examples.zac.update.UpdateApplet


public class UpdateApplet
extends Applet
implements Runnable, WindowListener, ActionListener, ActionDef, DisconnectListener, ItemListener
This applet is updateable automatically when its published version changes. It lets the user know when changes occur, and provides a simple interface to update the application and restart.

Copyright (c) 1998-2000 by BEA Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Constructor Index

 o UpdateApplet()

Method Index

 o action(EventMessageDef)
 o actionPerformed(ActionEvent)
 o disconnectOccurred(DisconnectEvent)
 o init()
 o isLongRunning()
 o itemStateChanged(ItemEvent)
 o registerInit(ParamSet)
 o run()
 o setServices(T3ServicesDef)
 o start()
 o windowActivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosed(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosing(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeactivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeiconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowIconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowOpened(WindowEvent)


 o UpdateApplet
 public UpdateApplet()


 o init
 public void init()
init in class Applet
 o disconnectOccurred
 public synchronized void disconnectOccurred(DisconnectEvent ev)
 o start
 public void start()
start in class Applet
 o isLongRunning
 public boolean isLongRunning()
 o setServices
 public void setServices(T3ServicesDef sv)
 o registerInit
 public void registerInit(ParamSet p)
 o action
 public synchronized void action(EventMessageDef ev)
 o run
 public synchronized void run()
 o itemStateChanged
 public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent ev)
 o actionPerformed
 public synchronized void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ev)
 o windowOpened
 public void windowOpened(WindowEvent e)
 o windowActivated
 public void windowActivated(WindowEvent e)
 o windowDeactivated
 public void windowDeactivated(WindowEvent e)
 o windowDeiconified
 public void windowDeiconified(WindowEvent e)
 o windowClosing
 public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e)
 o windowClosed
 public void windowClosed(WindowEvent e)
 o windowIconified
 public void windowIconified(WindowEvent e)

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