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The examples in this package illustrate how to generate and parse XML data using SAX and DOM parsers. These examples use a variety of methods for passing XML documents between objects. Detailed instructions for building and running the examples are included on the example pages. The Project X XML parser from Sun is used in these examples and is included in the weblogicaux.jar.
Demonstrates passing XML documents between a client and servlet over HTTP. This example uses the SAX API to parse the documents. The DTDs used to validate the documents are served up over HTTP as external entities. The XML define instructions and results for operating upon an EJBean. The servlet in this example acts as a mediator between the client and EJBean.
XML via JMS messages
Demonstrates passing XML documents using JMS. This examples uses the DOM API to generate and parse the documents. A custom EntityResolver is implemented in this example to resolve the external DTDs.
BizTalk server
Prototype implementation of a BizTalk server. This example is the most complex of the XML examples. In this example, XML is generated in the form of BizTalk documents by JSPs. The documents are passed via HTTP and JMS to EJBs for processing.

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